My story. . .


Ever since I was a small kid I've been drawing and doodling anything I can remember, whether it would be crabs, crustaceans or dinosaurs. Even Poke'mon. My love for art continued through school and showed me the way of positive growth up to art college. Illustration is my first and foremost loved field. It has always been since I discovered artists such as John Howe and Alan Lee.

I've had the pleasure of working for authors such as Trak. E. Sumisu on his CPR transgressive novels and have illustrated a series of book covers. Starting out in this field has made me realize this is something I want to do for the rest of my creative career.

My aspiration is to start working towards a career in the games/comic industry as an illustrator and conceptual artist. I believe, while it is a competitive industry, it is not impossible, and relish the occasion to step up to the challenge.

I am currently open to freelance commissions and can openly neogiate prices with you. Whether you need a book illustrating or a personalized portrait, I'm willing and able.

My email is